"A fully integrated and authentic gift from New England."
A shop owner on afterWords.

The magnets in afterWords POEtry TM sets inspire people from from ages 12 to 100 to think 'outside the coffin'. Halloween is not the only time for your wicked creativity.

Goths have written afterWords poems with magnets such as
Blood, Bent,Stiff and Graves - cooks have started in with Eat
Rice and Bacon - nature words include Blizzard, Summer, Storm and Waterfall.

And what would poetry be without  : the Bliss, Peace, Makin' and Courting.

We've received afterWordsTM magnet poems, phrases and sayings created by one person on an office file cabinet, groups at parties gathered at the fridge, and even from young kids learning to read. View some poems posted by fans on our Facebook page.

With over 200 words and the infinite creativity of all, afterWords POEtry TM is for you, and someone not like you, too! We are dead serious about that. Dare You!

Try afterWords: writing your own afterWords poem online.

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