"Two of my passions are old cemeteries and magnetic poetry. Why didn't I think of this!"
Comment from a fan in Salem.

afterWords POEtry That Sticks™ began as a photographic art project. The intent was the same - to write word poems with these images. Well over 200 photographs were taken over the course of two years by one person and then revisioned as interactive "word-smithing" for all.

The photographs of common names are taken with great respect. The lighting, texture and scale create each magnet word as unique leading to hundreds of poetic options. Each one, with this exceptional diversity of words, is reduced then printed on magnets.

The commitment and effort of many folks helped get our pilot version on shelves in '09. Magnets were printed and cut by hand, boxes were spray painted, and stickers were stuck. Magnet sheets are now produced at a solar powered facility off site. We remain hands-on with the final assembly and still chuckle as we do so.

Try afterWords: write your own afterWords poem online.

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